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Minnesota Painting Services

Home Transformations

Our passion is helping homeowners revitalize their home with paint and renovations. We’re best at helping a homeowner take a dated house, and transform it with cabinet painting, trim, walls, and ceiling transformations.

We don’t just paint your house, we’ll ensure that your walls are like an ocean of color or paint, free from dings, dents, and lines. When we paint or re-enamel the woodwork in your home, we’ll ensure that it’s “seamless” and immaculate.

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Exterior House Painting

We’ve painted hundreds of houses, and we’ve been trained by some of the best in the industry to know how to ensure that your exterior painting on your Minnesota house is done right. As a company, we keep an eye on quality over quantity, and we’ll make your home look spectacular.

We hope to deliver tremendous value and quality with every home we paint.

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Cabinet Painting

Why replace when you can re-paint and save big? Believe it or not, simply painting your cabinets could be the key to revitalizing your kitchen. We’ve seen it happen because we’ve done the job many times and love to watch kitchens transform as a result.

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Investment Property Flips

One of our favorite clients to work for are real estate investors that are focused on quality work, at a great value. We love the opportunity to come into a home, and totally revitalize it because it adds such a great deal of value to the future home owners, the neighborhood, and the local community.

When home investors, house flip professionals, or rental real estate investors go to find a tenant or sell their home, their buyers can quickly identify low quality work. That’s why a quality paint job is one of the most worth-while investments that an investor can make into a property.

We’ll transform your property and increase your return on investment, lower your vacancy rates, attract a higher-margin rental clientele, and drive up your overall likelihood for success.

More About Investment Property Flips

Rental Property Turnovers

Renters Warehouse, Renter’s Outlet, and the host of other property management companies know that if a homeowner is going to rent out their house, investing into a quality paint revitalization is worthwhile.

Remember, we don’t just paint, we will renovate the wall, repair it, and ensure that things look brand new. If you’re working with tenants, we’d love to help you “turnover” the property or get it ready to rent. Hopefully, by having an immaculate revitalization, you’ll find the tenant that wants to stay in your property for a long time, and help drive your passive income.

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Commercial Painting

If you’re a business owner that wants to ensure that your building is in tip-top shape for business, then we’re the painting company in Minnesota you should talk to.

We’re aware that your business is all about client satisfaction, and a world-class space helps communicate value to your customers. While our main passion is helping homeowners, we’re able to help small business owners get a quality painting job, at a great value, so that your building communicates value.

More About Commercial Painting

Interior Painting

This is where we really shine – taking interiors and making them look fantastic.

We’re obsessed with preparation, which means that we’ll spend a great deal of energy taping, covering, and making your house look like a crime scene investigation before we begin.

Why is preparation so important? Because it’s the main tool that allows for even application, sharp lines, cleanliness, and quality. Painting prep is also the step that takes the most time, and is often skipped or glossed over by low-bid painters.

More About Interior Painting

Drywall Repair

If you’re not repairing the drywall before applying paint, it’s going to look very mediocre. Because we’re focused on quality, and trying to revitalize your home, we’re going to work diligently to make your wall look like an ocean of paint.

We can repair all sorts of drywall problems, from completely destroyed, to those annoying seams that are impossible to hide.

More About Drywall Repair

Deck Staining & Painting

The difference between a professional deck staining and a DIY’er, is pretty drastic. When we stain a deck, we’re going to work to ensure that it’s not only gorgeous, but ready to stand the test of the Minnesota winter, spring, fall, and summer punishments.

More About Deck Staining Service

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The popcorn ceiling is pretty much dead, and we keep ourselves busy transforming those old popcorn ceilings into beautiful, modern surfaces.  If you haven’t looked into this yet, it’s an incredibly great value for the reward of your home.

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