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Replacing Cabinets

Ready to Have Your Cabinets Replaced?

If you’re considering updating your cabinets and are preparing for a huge investment, then you’re not alone. All over the place, people are looking to update their homes, and the kitchen is a natural place to turn.

After all, kitchens are an integral part of any home. When guests come, they’re likely to pass through your kitchen at some point. Unlike bedrooms, kitchens can’t be hidden away. However, many people assume that a kitchen renovation requires a massive investment that involves replacing every cabinet, countertop, and appliance.

Here’s the reality:

Cabinetry isn’t like countertops or appliances. Cabinets don’t have to be replaced to be updated.

Why? Because in many cases, cabinets just need a coat of paint (or two) to really change your entire kitchen’s dynamic.

This is a big deal. Painting cabinets can change the entire look of a kitchen, but it’s also much less of a hassle than replacing. It’s also important to know that painting your cabinets is just a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

What’s the Cabinet Painting Process Like?

So that you’re best prepared for the cabinet painting process, it’s not a bad idea to know a little bit about it – even if you are planning to hire a professional.

After all, this process might be a lot easier than replacing cabinets, but it is still known as a difficult, messy job.

That’s why we’re happy to partner with you in the process to ensure that your mind can be entirely at ease as we work.

The cabinet painting process ultimately consists of:

  • Emptying Out Every Cabinet
  • Cleaning Your Cabinets (Scrub them down!)
  • Protecting & Preparing Any Nearby Surface
  • Removing Hardware (Knobs, Pulls, Etc.)
  • Sanding
  • Priming
  • Painting

It sounds like a lot, but the results can be more than worth it. Imagine bringing a 1980s style kitchen into the modern era. Even without making one other change, you could still see your kitchen entirely changed by just this one improvement.

The cleaning process isn’t as bad as it sounds, and your kitchen won’t be out of commission for long either.

If you still have some concerns or reservations about painting your cabinets, we’d love to have an honest conversation with you today. Feel free to give us a call anytime.

Otherwise, we also have a page here on our website that contains a little bit more information about the role we can take on in your cabinet painting project. We’re experienced in this area and we absolutely love to have the opportunity to make kitchens more enjoyable.

Replacing Your Cabinets? Consider This First

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