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Here’s How Often You Should Re-Paint Your House’s Exterior

Paint applied to the exterior of your home goes through a lot. It has to endure an onslaught of wind, rain, dust, debris, and more. Surprisingly, these paint jobs still have the ability to last for an impressively long time.

Although there are exceptions, most paint jobs can last for at least 3-5 years on wood sidings, 4 years on aluminum sidings, and 5 or 6 years on stucco sidings.

That being said, it should be noted that there are a wide variety of factors that go into determining whether or not it’s time to repaint. Below, we’ve listed out a few conditions that may change your timetable.

How Often Do You Need to Paint the Exterior of your House

Factors Impacting Your Repainting Timetable

Location – Here in Minnesota, we endure much harsher weather conditions than the rest of the country. While we can’t say for absolute certain what that will mean for your home’s repainting timeline, we can say that it is likely to have an effect on it. You may need to evaluate your home’s paint job after a couple of years to ensure that the exterior is holding up throughout the harsh winters.

Quality – Keep in mind that your house’s paint job is suspect to quality concerns. Unprofessional or ineffective work can cause for the need to repaint sooner than you would have otherwise needed to. A poor paint job can be entirely unpredictable. You may need to repaint as soon as a year or two after the paint was originally applied.

Surface – As we mentioned earlier, your paint sticks to different surfaces in different ways. In general, paint applied to stucco siding lasts the longest – up to 7 years. Aluminum, on the other hand, lasts an average of 5 years while paint applied to wood tends to last about 3 years.

When considering wood siding, it’s also important to keep in mind that stain and paint are just a tad different. Stain is slightly more durable and may outlast paint.

Hire a Professional for Work that Stands the Test of Time

Rather than relying on DIY methods and questionable tactics, we’d encourage you to consider a professional for exterior painting. While it is possible for an amateur to produce work that looks passable at first, you may discover over time that an investment in a durable paint job done by a professional would have been worth every penny.

Here at Just Rite Painting MN, we’ve been working in the painting industry for over 15 years. Until recently, we didn’t even have a website because we were able to grow and thrive based on referrals alone. We don’t expect you to take our word for it when we say that we’ll work hard to ensure that your home’s left looking great – we’d prefer that you ask our customers themselves!


If you think that it might be time for repainting at your house, please do give us a call today. As of the time we’re writing this, it’s fall and the conditions for painting are perfect. Before we slip into winter, get exterior painting off your to-do list. We’ll take on the difficult part of the task so that you can enjoy the results and a free weekend.

How Often Do You Need to Paint the Exterior of your House?

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