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Should I Paint the House When Selling?

When you’re working to sell a house, every little investment has to be questioned. After all, nothing that you upgrade is for your own enjoyment anymore. It’s all for somebody else. But at the same time, the housing market can be competitive and buyers can be fickle. They come to your house with certain ideas in mind, and it can be hard to convince them that they should consider something outside of that.

But what kinds of investments are worth making?

Look almost anywhere on the internet for fast, easy fixes you can make before selling, and you’ll see painting on theĀ list. Why? In light of other potential renovation projects, painting is incredibly cost effective. It’s not going to cost you what it would to re-do a kitchen or finish a basement.

However, while painting is cost effective, going half way won’t benefit you much at all. The difference between a professional paint job and amateur work could be massive, so if you’re making an investment at all, you may want to look into the idea of hiring a pro. Buyers love to know that a house has been recently painted by a professional.

Buyers love to know that a house has been recently painted by a professional.

Paint can bring new life to a spaceĀ and welcome buyers in rather than turn them away. In some cases, a new coat of paint can make a room feel bigger, brighter, or better. However, amateur quality work can also unintentionally convey that the house presents poorly or that everything else is “DIY” as well.

house painting to sellPainting to Sell Rental Properties

So there’s painting to sell a house, but what about painting to sell a rental property? Should it be done, is it worth the investment? In a recent video, Jason Reed of The Duplex Doctors shared that many realtors and buyers alike make mistakes when it comes to improving properties that will ultimately be rental units. Even the people buying these properties are aware of what Jason calls “rental quality.” They don’t expect rental units to be top of the line, and they’re not quite as attached to the idea of a perfect property.

Even so, there are often improvements that can be made to easily increase a rental property’s value. Since painting is so cost effective and simple, for some properties, this may be a worthwhile endeavor. Of course, you may want to talk with an investment specialist like Jason before you make any decisions!


If you’re thinking about painting a single family house or rental property before selling it, feel free to get in touch with us for a consultation. We’d be happy to take this time-consuming project off of your hands so that you can focus on selling your house.


House Painting to Sell

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