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Considering ways to add value to your home? How about livable space? Sheetrocking (or drywall installation) isn’t the most exciting and glamorous part of a remodel, but it’s one of the most important steps any homeowner can take in order to do a project right.

While your basement might be fine in its uninsulated state when used as a play area or storage facility – you’re definitely going to want to insulate it by the time you decide to start adding bedrooms or bathrooms.

Even living rooms can benefit significantly from a basement that’s completely sheetrocked. You’ll find the space to be significantly warmer and a lot nicer looking once it’s finished, too.

All that said, basements aren’t the only places you’d ever need to sheetrock – sometimes it’s necessary to redo or replace. In other cases, sheetrocking is needed as a result of remodels, for additions, and even to make garages more usable all year long.

The Benefits of Sheetrocking

Why should you choose to have drywall installed as part of a basement finish or other renovation process? Because most modern wall constructions depend on it! Not only is drywall a powerful tool for insulating, but it also serves as a primary component that makes modern wall construction possible.

Before drywall, a much less attractive end product relied on a time-consuming plaster technique. Not to worry, sheetrock/drywall is far from a bad option to be stuck with. It has the capability of sound-dampening, heat resistance, and energy efficiency.

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Drywall Repair

Sheetrock and drywall are both pretty resilient, but an accident is certainly capable of resulting in a hole. Dings and dents may come around here and there as well.

Because of this, we offer our services to clients as a drywall repair company here in MN. There are lot of people who are capable of patching up a hole, but few do it in the way that we can. 15+ years in the industry has taught us the absolute best methodology for making a seamless repair that no one will ever notice again.

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What’s the Investment?

We’d love to give you a quote right here, right now so that you can know exactly what you should budget for drywall. Unfortunately, we’re not able to do that due to the many variables involved in a drywall or sheetrock job. Someone who’s planning on sheetrocking their entire basement will be faced with a much different quote than someone looking to cover just one wall.

That said, we think you’ll find that our price is competitive with other drywall repair companies in MN. In addition to that, we offer the level of experience and meticulous attention to detail that many of those same companies simply can’t offer.

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