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Commercial painting is an essential part of creating a space that customers and employees alike are happy to be in. If done well, a simple re-painting can add new life to even the most tired and rundown places.

Fresh, modern paint jobs can contribute to conveying an increased amount of value to patrons. Fresh, inviting spaces that are kept up well suggest a business that would offer superb customer experience and an attention to detail.

While something as simple as painting might be overlooked by a small business owner with bigger fish to fry, it’s important enough that it demands consideration. Commercial business spaces that invite guests and customers or host employees are an important piece of an overall first impression. They make it apparent what a company thinks of their visitors or regular guests.

Commercial Painting Vs. Residential Painting

While painting is a pretty straightforward task without much variance, there are some important differences between commercial and residential painting for small business owners and facility managers to understand before they make an investment.

For instance, managers of commercial spaces should consider how to maximize their investment in a building that’s likely to see more traffic than the average home. You may consider glossy paint to flatter finishes since glossy paint requires less maintenance. It’s also known to be more resilient and long-lasting.

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Our Commitment

Here at Just Rite Painting, we like to differentiate ourselves from the other painters in the area by being committed to excellence. We don’t just work to get jobs done quickly and move on to the next. Instead, we do whatever it takes to set your business up with a paint job that will impress for a long time to come.

In many scenarios, we’ve even worked to repair drywall and prepare surfaces to shine. This comes in stark contrast to budget painters that aim to speed through one project and on to the next.

As a resumĂ©, we’re proud to have compiled 15 years’ worth of happy clients that have left us reviews to say that we exceeded their high expectations.

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Craftsmanship Isn’t Dead

After 15 years of experience in the painting industry, we’re happy to remain dedicated to the art of the job. Each and every business we work with is approached with the utmost care to ensure that our high standards are met before we walk away.

One of the ways we separate ourselves from the pack of painting contractors in the area is by meticulously preparing and finishing each wall or exterior area that we paint. Our work has a seamless appearance that is attainable only as the result of extensive planning and preparations.

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