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Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Right now, in 2018, it’s trendy to whitewash. White cabinets (and entire kitchens) is what honey oak was in the 90s – the choice that almost everyone seems to be going with.

In fact, it’s becoming commonplace to get rid of honey oak cabinets in favor of white cabinets. This is being accomplished either by a simple painting job or a complete gutting of a kitchen that requires an extensive renovation.

That said, neither option is usually all that appealing to homeowners. Painting cabinets has a reputation for being difficult, and renovations are just flat out expensive.

But the trends have switched over on us nonetheless. Here’s what we’re seeing in 2018.

White Cabinets Everywhere

kitchen cabinet trends

It’s hard to imagine a time that white could fade out of style. The color is such a classic, neutral feeling choice that it’s unlikely to ever provoke the same disgust that many old trends do when we look back on them.

People are choosing to paint their cabinets white because white cabinets have a reputation for adding light to darker spaces. They’re both bold and neutral at the same time – a rare feat to accomplish!

The Rise of Black Cabinetry

kitchen cabinetry trends

For a long time, many people turned their nose up at black cabinets. If white is so popular for adding light to a space, what does that say about black?

But these days, black is gaining on white – it’s actually among the most popular cabinet colors out there.

Why? Perhaps because it’s such a bold choice that draws anyone’s attention to it. Contrasting colors are known to be a great design element, and that’s why so many people choose black cabinets to pair with white or light stone countertops.

Gray Cabinets Left and Right

kitchen cabinet trends

Believe it or not, gray cabinets are so popular that HGTV is calling gray “the new white“.

If you’re looking to paint over your old cabinets (rather than replace them) gray might be the perfect option. It’s dark enough to cover old colors or an over-abundance of wood grain, but light enough to be warm and welcoming.

Bold Pops of Color

By looking through the last three trends that we listed above, it might seem as though all kitchens are trending towards the “shade” spectrum.

While it’s true that white, gray, and black all hold top spots on the recent trends list, it’s also true that other colors are starting to make an appearance on “most popular” lists.

We’re starting to see blues, greens, and some other colors that might not have been anywhere near a kitchen just a few years ago.

Just Rite Painting

Whatever your taste in cabinets, we’d be happy to help you in designing the kitchen of your dreams. Painting cabinets is definitely a tall task, but not one that’s too big for us. We’ll take on the job and do it with an attention to detail that few other painters offer. We work in and around the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, so if that’s where you are, we hope you’ll give us a call!

The Cabinetry Trends of 2018

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