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Cabinet Painting Mn

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Dirty, stained, or outdated cabinets & trim make it hard to feel really good about your home.

Cabinet Painting Minnesota | Trim Painting Minnesota

Here at Just Rite Painting, one of our favorite things to do is to bring a house “new life” by painting or re-enameling the cabinets and trim.

We’ve found that very few things can so easily transform a home like updating outdated wooden cabinets and trim to modern paint or enamel.

Just Rite Painting Mn focuses on revitalizing the home with painting and renovations, in order to increase enjoyment levels and property values.

We don’t just paint cabinets, we ensure that they are seamlessly covered and beautiful.

Revitalize Cabinets Rather than Replace

If you’ve ever been involved with purchasing new cabinets, you understand how expensive it can be to replace what you have. Even low-quality cabinets have the reputation of costing an arm and a leg. There’s no reason why homeowners need to fork out large amounts of cash when they could simply hire us to come and revitalize their kitchens, trim, doors, and other outdated home features.

Many people don’t realize that there’s likely nothing wrong with their cabinets outside of the outdated stain or paint job.

We have been in business for over 15 years, and we let our work do the talking.

When it comes to applying modern enamel or refinishing wood, you will get a remarkably better product if you work with a professional who’s best interests are aligned with yours. Our desire as a company is to create ecstatically satisfied customers so that they’ll want to refer us to their friends, families, and business vendors.

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Reasons to Revitalize your Home with Cabinet, Trim, and Interior Painting:

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  • Buying or Selling a Home
  • Ready to Increase your Enjoyment Levels of your Home
  • Rental Real Estate Investing
  • Remodeling a Kitchen
  • Preparing your Home for an event
  • Wedding Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • High School Graduations
  • College Graduations
  • Desiring to Entertain More


Our main focus: helping you to love where you live again.

Styles change throughout the decades, and a professional painter can very easily help you feel great about your home as it ages.

Few things provide as big of an impact the quality and the perceived value of a home more than updating the doors, cabinets, and woodwork with fresh paint or enameling.

Revitalizing a Newly Purchased Home

If you’ve just purchased a new home, we highly recommend having us come in and revitalize it with paint, before you move your stuff in.

There may never be a time as good as this to really make a home your own by adding your unique style to the property.

Cabinet Painting Minnesota Twin Cities Painters and trim painters

We’ve heard some incredible stories of people who purchased a home and feel less than ecstatic about the purchase. We think this process should be exhilarating!

Instead of having your excitement zapped away by the realization that your new home is “dated” or “cookie cutter” try painting the walls, cabinets, or even the exterior so that the place looks and feels like…you!

When people are about to sell a home, they often do hastily apply a fresh coat of cheap paint. This typically isn’t the quality of workmanship that you’ll want to live with, so you may find that it’s time to hire a professional to revitalize the space.

As one of the best cabinet painting companies in Minnesota, Just Rite will make sure that your interior walls, cabinets, and accentuating woodwork, causes you to feel invigorated about your new home.

Newly Revitalized Homes Can Make You Hosting-Ready

We’ve found that when your home is stunning and you feel confident about the way it looks, you will be more likely to invite friends over after church, to have the neighbors over for dinner, or to host your kid’s friends and family over for a game night.

Your home should be conducive to investing in relationships and enjoying the love of your family and friends.

That’s what we mean when we talk about increasing your enjoyment level.

Highest Quality Painting Company in Minneapolis

There are plenty of painters with crews that will come in and slap down fresh mud, drywall, paint, and ceiling finish, but we try to provide tremendous quality and value.

We provide value for a homeowner’s investment by providing just the right quality at just the right price. We haven’t set out to build our company only on servicing new construction or commercial building, instead, we focus on improving enjoyment levels and property values for the families in the Twin Cities region.

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Seamless Cabinets

When we paint the cabinets or apply fresh enamel, we promise that you’ll have an end-product that looks exquisite.

Because of our experience and attention to detail, we’re able to provide master-level outcomes.

Premier Cabinet and Trim Restoration Solution

If you like the idea of making one of the best value investments into your home, then please contact us on our website for a free estimate over the phone.

If you’re considering doing a revitalizing facelift that might include cabinets, interior paint, siding, or removing the speckle on your outdated ceilings, then we’d be delighted to come to your house and help a find a vision for your home.

Creating & Achieving a Vision

Painting is really about improving your quality of life and nurturing your family and friendships. Even if you’re making this investment into a home or a rental property, you’re ultimately delivering an end product of a quality home to someone. That’s why we believe great painting is about revitalizing your home to a future vision of quality.

What’s your vision?

We encourage people to browse pictures online of interior spaces that they might like the idea of mimicking.

Send us a picture of something you’d like to mimic.

We can help your kitchen look marvelously new, and we can also provide more than painting.


cabinet painting mn

Renovations: More than Just Painting

Because of the quality of work and caliber of jobs we participated in over the last 15 years, we have built a team of renovation specialists that can help with cabinets, countertops, new lighting fixtures, carpet, and basement finishing.

We found that as a Minneapolis-based cabinet painting company, we have had the opportunity of cultivating relationships with some of the best value professional in the homebuilding industry.

We know the right people, and would love to connect them to you.

So if you like the idea of maximizing the value of your house by revitalizing the painting and renovations, please contact us for a no-cost estimate.

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Cabinet Painting Minnesota

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