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Best Painting Companies Mn Just Rite Painting Mn

Ready to Revitalize Your Minnesota Home?

Nothing can help increase the value, and enjoyment level, of a home more than a quality paint and renovation job.

Minneapolis homeowners are often left behind when housing and design trends evolve, which can leave you feeling less than satisfied with your current home.

If you’re looking for one of the best painting companies in Minnesota, specifically in the Twin Cities region, we’re confident that you’d be satisfied working with Just Rite Painting Mn.

Painting Contractors Minnesota

Painting is an interesting industry because it’s relatively entry-level work, where inexperienced and unskilled laborers can jump in and start hustling to make a living. We’re proud of the painting contractors we’ve intersected with here in the Twin Cities, but it’s also lead to our conviction that homeowners deserve the best.

Minneapolis painting contractors have experienced great fluctuations in economic conditions over the last 15 years. When housing is booming, too many companies build their entire crew and portfolio with new construction or commercial jobs. The temptation is to hire as many painters as you can and get aggressive with your bidding to earn the business from large home builders – focusing on quantity over quality.

But housing is a cyclical industry, which means that new construction is going to naturally have ebbs and flows that can put pressure on St. Paul, Minneapolis, and even out-state painting companies.

Mission Above Economic Conditions

Here at Just Rite Painting Minnesota, we’ve learned from experience, and from watching other companies, that the most important thing is to commit to a focused niche of work, and try to delight your customers.

Rather than ramp up with the new construction booms that we’re seeing, we’ve committed to stick to our company mission and purpose.

Best Painting companies mn Just Rite Painting Minnesota

Just Rite Painting Minnesota

Mission: To revitalize homes with paint and renovations.

Purpose: To increase enjoyment levels and property values.

This means that of all the contractors you’ll see in the Minneapolis region, we’ve pursued mastery of our trade with the absolute best of them. We do this in order to fulfill our mission, rather than take on hundreds of low skilled laborers to win low-bid jobs.

House Painters Minneapolis

This means that while we work with select builders, we try to focus our efforts on delighting the homeowners in the greater Minneapolis metro area.

When we do our painting, we approach every home in the same manner, making sure that we’re providing the best value service for the dollar. That means that we need to manage the tension between efficiency and quality carefully.

When you’re shopping for a great painting company, you’ll notice the key is to examine where on the spectrum of quality and efficiency they lie.

How to find the best painting company in Minnesota: Observe how they manage the tension between quality and efficiency.

Efficiency and Hurrying Leaves Homeowners with Poor Results

The more houses a painting contractor can do in a week, the higher their overall company profit will be. This sounds like a very common sense thing to note, but I’m telling you that you need to take a look at the volume each contractor is doing.

On the far side of the spectrum, you’ll have companies with very large crews coming in with low-quality paint and slopping through a job as fast as possible. We’ve noticed that these people are great business owners, they win lots of business by being the lowest cost, cheapest painting company in Minnesota. There’s nothing wrong with this type of company, and they will often do a great job at what they intend – to cover walls quickly.

But what we’ve noticed is that it’s easy to see that a low bid company has come through, because the paint is low quality, the application was messier, the lines aren’t sharp, and the look of the paint simply feels cheap. When you walk into a house flip, it’s often easy to see this kind of work.

The Other Side is Exquisite Quality at High Prices

On the other end of the spectrum are companies going after homeowners with money, and they are fairly unconcerned with efficiency. This might be part of a remodel, or a custom built house in Minnesota, but these painting contractors and companies aren’t concerned at all with efficiency.

Just Rite Painting Mn Emphasizes Value

What I’ve been describing is essentially the supply and demand curve in economics – it’s simple, but so true and important to consider when you’re looking for a craftsman in a sea of unskilled laborers.

What we’ve decided to do is focus on delivering value.

Value starts with listening to our clients, and hearing what’s important to them during the free consultation process. What’s important for one person might be completely different for another. We’ve learned through experience that working together to understand the vision and expectations of our clients is most critical.

Value Starts With Deciding What Not To Do

In order to be able to tailor our painting services accordingly, we’ve done a good job of saying no to the low-bid, cyclical work that too many painters are riding during good economic times.

Instead of loading up on low-bid jobs, we’ve been working intimately with homeowners that want to bring new life to their homes, or with investors that want to maximize their property values.

When you ask a “fixer upper” style renovation expert or remodeler, “what improvements can make the biggest impact in enjoyment and property value?” they’ll almost always saying painting.

Cabinets, Trim, and Door Painting

The modern look has morphed from light colored oak to either white paint or expertly enameled wood.

We love coming into a home and transforming the overall look of the house by updating the cabinets, doors, trim, and other wood. This can have such an impact on the overall look and feel of a home, that can encourage homeowners to maximize their living spaces more often with company.

Painting is Really About Relationships

Why have we chosen to focus on revitalizing homes with painting and renovations? Because we know that when people feel better about their house, they’re far more likely to create a context for relationships.

When people feel great about their home, they’ll be more likely to invite friends over after the basketball game, church, and over for a barbeque.

When kids feel better about the house they live in, they’ll be more likely to invite their friends over to their house, which is important for every parent trying to be a positive influence in their children’s lives.

For that reason, we’ve developed rich relationships with our clients, and we’ve been able to earn dozens of 5-star reviews on Google as being one of the best value painting companies in Minnesota and the Twin Cities Region.

Painting Contractors in Minnesota – Just Rite Painting MN

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